Saturday, August 31, 2013

Daily 5 - Word Work

Word Work Activities


Students can work on almost any activity that is on their homework sheet.    
sheet link

1.  Play-Doh  (definitely a favorite)

2.  Smelly Markers (the other favorite!)
                                                       Mr. Sketch




3.  Alphabet Stencils

4.  Magna Doodle 

5.  Alphabet Stamps

6.  Pipe Cleaners

7.  Dry Erase Boards / Plastic Plates

8.  Magnets

10.  Dictionary


12.  Sign Language

13.  Ipad Spelling 

14.  Boggle

Boggle for the SMART Board



Monday, August 5, 2013

Word Journals

                                 Link to more ideas

In lieu of a word wall..... word journals!  Each student has their own personal word journal.  Each letter gets one page.  This year I decided to go ahead and write four words in each journal  ( of their favorite words, my name, my principal's name and the school's name).  I wanted to model good handwriting and show the students how big to write each word.  Students will write new classmates' names during the first week of school.  Each month we will add words that go with that month.  We think about holidays, seasonal words and units we are studying. They usually have permission to ask me for one word during Writer's Workshop.  They know they have to "stretchy snake" other words.  This is definitely a well used resource!