Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holidays Around the World

We have just finished making our Holidays Around the World Scrapbook!  Students have worked very hard on learning facts about several different countries. 

Holidays Around the World resources - Ms. Bainbridge

Another great Christmas Around the World resource:

Preparing to Blog.....

My class is also learning about Internet Safety and the basics of blogging. 
Here's a great video we watched about Internet Safety:  BrainPOP Jr. - Internet Safety
A poster about Internet Safety/blogging: Internet Safety Rules 
A quick way to review opinions:. 
Students wrote a rough draft before typing their opinion sentence.
Students' Reflections

 1) I like Germany because they eat stollen.
2) I liked learning about Mexico because I like their food and dessert.
3) I like the US because we eat turkey.
4) I liked learning about Japan because I like fried chicken.
5) I liked learning about Germany because of their Christmas markets.
6) I liked learning about Brazil because they have fireworks and I like hot weather.
7) I love Japan because I love their food. I love their dance. I love to dance too! I like making stuff  like Christmas cakes. They make that in Japan. I like there flag and greeting.
8)  I liked learning about Japan because of the Christmas cake.
9) I liked learning about Liberia because I want to see the oil palm tree. I also want to eat their food because I love beef, rice and biscuits!
10) I like Japan because they eat fried chicken.
11)  I liked Liberia because they have good food and I want to see the oil palm tree.
12) I like learning about Mexico because they have great food.
13)  I  like  Mexico  because  their  greeting  is  Feliz Navidad.
14) I liked learning about Brazil the best because they have fireworks and I love hot weather.
15) I liked learning about Australia because they have a lot of delicious food. Also because they celebrate Christmas at the beach.
16)  I think I like Japan the most because the food like fried chicken and the cake!yuuuuummmm.
17)  I like Australia.  They celebrate at the beach.  You eat plum pudding, fish, chips. You see 6 kangaroos and a surfing Santa.
18) I liked learning about Brazil because it is fasunating.
(Apparently we love food!!)
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

2nd Grade Math and Literacy Overviews 2014-2015

The overviews are editable and will no doubt change some as the year goes on.  I will try to update them sometime during the year. 
Wishing everyone a wonderful school year!

Updated Dec. 2014

Literacy Overview  (Spelling, Grammar, Writing, Reading, Some integrated topics)