Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Praying Mantis Nymphs

Our praying mantis nymphs decided to come out of their egg case today!  There are between 75-200 nymphs in an egg case.  This morning they quickly changed from white to greenish brown.  Since we did not have any aphids to feed them, we released most of them in the second grade butterfly garden.  A great science experiment for any young (or young at heart) scientist! 

I ordered our egg case and praying mantis book from www.insectlore.com.
Egg Case link

Monday, April 15, 2013

Going Global!

Country and Culture Research
Students will make a research book by completing a research graphic organizer for several countries. They will write other facts and add a picture of the flag on a loose leaf sheet behind each graphic organizer. Students can also make a poster that displays facts about one country.

1.  Links to fact sheets - Research Fact Sheets - Set 1
                                         Research Fact Sheets - Set 2

Facts came from these sites:  National Geographic Kids
                                                            Fact Monster
                                                            Time for Kids

2.  Link to research graphic organizer - Graphic Organizer

3.  Link to flags (These flags match the research fact sheets.) - Flags

*Classroom decoration idea:  Scholastic Teachers Friend Bulletin-TF3081

*Integrating Music:  Wee Sing Around the World CD
CD description from Amazon: 
This collection of children’s songs from around the world helps children of all ages feel a little closer to other cultures. Each song is sung first in the native language and then again in English-Book and CD.

Cinderella Around the World
A wonderful way to integrate literature: Around the World in a Glass Slipper!
(from the Darlin' in First blog)
This scrapbook includes:  The Korean Cinderella
                                              Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters (Africa)
                                              Yeh-Shen   (China)
                                              The Egyptian Cinderella
                                              Adelita:  A Mexican Story

Birthdays Around the World resources:
Link 1 - free
Link 2 - $

Throw Your Tooth on the Roof:  Tooth Traditions from Around the World
Product Details
Around the World in 80 Tales - Tales from six continents

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Poetry Notebooks

My students usually add one poem a week to their poetry notebooks.  This is a great tool to help students improve their fluency.  They can highlight rhyming words, verbs, adjectives, nouns, etc.  Students can use this notebook during the Read to Self or Read to Someone center.

                                              Glue ribbon to the back to create a bookmark.

13 Spring Poems  - Click here to download a set of spring poems. 

13 Miscellaneous Poems

Month by Month Poetry  -  compiled by Everything Elementary

I found 2 poetry posters on Pinterest and decided to make them for my class....