Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Work on Writing Binder

This is very similar to my Word Work idea..... a Work on Writing binder.  Having several resources in a binder is one way to help keep Work on Writing resources organized.  It will also help students get started faster!
Most resources are from

Binder Cover 1 from: Zebra Poster  made by Kelly M.
Cover 2 from: Chevron Daily 5 Poster  made by Amanda Bryant
1.  Binder pocket for pens, die, Crayola Twistables colored pencils
2.  Binder pocket for stickers (for sticker stories)
3.  Personal Word Wall  made by First Grade is a Hoot
Possible Writing Resources to include:

4.  Respond to Text sheet
     Respond to & Chat About Informational Text by Sarah Helm

5.  Roll a fairy tale  made by Krista Carlson

6.  Monthly Work on Writing Resources from Second Story Window
7.  Roll and Write made by Where the Wild Things Learn
8.  What Can I Do When I'm Done? Poster! Menu of Choice! Differentiated for writing! made by Pinkadots Elementary

9.  Work on Writing resources by Kelly Williams

10.  Writing Ideas
11.  Recipe template - (add measurement / recipe words)
12.  Write a bucket filler
Link to Bucket Filling Poster
Snowman Bucket Fillers

Not free, but worth considering:
Writing Mini-Office {A set of writing resources for K-2nd Graders} by Rachael D'Elia

Word Charts for Every Month of the School Year!  by Karen Jones

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Reading Mini-lessons

The following mini-lessons will help students better understand Amplify Reading 3D written comprehension questions.

Most lessons are from 

Context Clues:
PowerPoint - This PowerPoint uses the read aloud A Bad Case of Stripes.  This story is on storylineonline.   

Context Clue Tic-Tac-Toe Game

                                         Baloney Context Clues Activity
                        Baloney (Henry P.)                                         

Finding the Theme:

Theme Poster and Anchor Chart - made by Juiceboxes and Crayolas

Main Idea:

Main Idea and Norman Rockwell

Character Traits:

Character Traits - posters and graphic organizers

 Cause and Effect:

Cause and Effect Activity - find a partner game

Cause and Effect with Camilla Cream - by Amy Lemons - uses A Bad Case of Stripes  (My class made this last year.  Great lesson!)

The Bugliest Bug - Cause and effect activity


Summarizing Cards and Writing -  by The Teacher's Cauldron

Lesson Learned:

Monday, December 9, 2013


We're continuing to work on opinion/persuasive writing. Students picked whether they wanted to write a letter or paragraph about why Santa should hire them to be his next elf.  Many decided that Santa might be persuaded if he knew they would be very fast at making Xboxes!
Elf craftivity idea from:  Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten

Introducing Eric..... Our Elf on a Shelf
(The helper of the day was allowed to name our new visitor.)
Day #2 - Eric let the class know how much he loves math!