Monday, November 23, 2015

Seasonal How-To Writing

Thanksgiving Fun!
How to Make An Apple Turkey
What a fun way to introduce how-to writing!  First, we watched a BrainPOP Jr. video clip on how-to writing.  (one of my favorite sites)  I modeled how to write this type of paragraph since it was the first time we focused on how-to writing.  After I completed each step of making the apple turkey, we decided on a sentence that would describe the step. Students wrote their own paragraph and then made their own delicious apple turkey.  
We used this site for the idea:  Candy Apple Turkeys
My favorite part was the feet.  Too cute!  (Circus peanuts are one of the only sweets I can say no to.)

I'm looking forward to more fun how-to writing in December.  I was so excited to learn there's a new book in the how-to series by Jean Reagan.  (author of How to Babysit a Grandpa)   
                                How to Catch Santa

Amanda Madden has some great writing extension activities that I plan to use in December.