Monday, April 15, 2013

Going Global!

Country and Culture Research
Students will make a research book by completing a research graphic organizer for several countries. They will write other facts and add a picture of the flag on a loose leaf sheet behind each graphic organizer. Students can also make a poster that displays facts about one country.

1.  Links to fact sheets - Research Fact Sheets - Set 1
                                         Research Fact Sheets - Set 2

Facts came from these sites:  National Geographic Kids
                                                            Fact Monster
                                                            Time for Kids

2.  Link to research graphic organizer - Graphic Organizer

3.  Link to flags (These flags match the research fact sheets.) - Flags

*Classroom decoration idea:  Scholastic Teachers Friend Bulletin-TF3081

*Integrating Music:  Wee Sing Around the World CD
CD description from Amazon: 
This collection of children’s songs from around the world helps children of all ages feel a little closer to other cultures. Each song is sung first in the native language and then again in English-Book and CD.

Cinderella Around the World
A wonderful way to integrate literature: Around the World in a Glass Slipper!
(from the Darlin' in First blog)
This scrapbook includes:  The Korean Cinderella
                                              Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters (Africa)
                                              Yeh-Shen   (China)
                                              The Egyptian Cinderella
                                              Adelita:  A Mexican Story

Birthdays Around the World resources:
Link 1 - free
Link 2 - $

Throw Your Tooth on the Roof:  Tooth Traditions from Around the World
Product Details
Around the World in 80 Tales - Tales from six continents