Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Focus Sticks .... to help with editing and revising

From : Make, Take and Teach

Step 1) Eat a lot of Pringles.                                     

Step 2)  Cover with scrapbook paper.  (This one is from Michael's.)

 Step 3)  Decide which icons you want on the focus sticks. 
Roll-a-Story - by Kristin Jordan
Another writing resource that is worth making is a writing mini office.  These two sites have a lot of great downloads. 
Writing Mini Office downloads
Busy Teacher's Café


Class Shared Class Journal
What a great idea!  I know my students will enjoy using these during Daily 5.  When not in use, students can read the journals during Read to Self or Read to Someone.   
link to journal covers on TpT

If Maggie could write, she'd probably write that one of her favorite places is a comfortable bed!

If Sam could write and had a good memory, he might write about how it was nice that he was adopted on July 4th five years ago!  He might also write how he appreciates that his name changed from Romeo to Sam.  (in honor of Uncle Sam!)

Writing ideas for visual learners....

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