Saturday, December 21, 2013

Reading Mini-lessons

The following mini-lessons will help students better understand Amplify Reading 3D written comprehension questions.

Most lessons are from 

Context Clues:
PowerPoint - This PowerPoint uses the read aloud A Bad Case of Stripes.  This story is on storylineonline.   

Context Clue Tic-Tac-Toe Game

                                         Baloney Context Clues Activity
                        Baloney (Henry P.)                                         

Finding the Theme:

Theme Poster and Anchor Chart - made by Juiceboxes and Crayolas

Main Idea:

Main Idea and Norman Rockwell

Character Traits:

Character Traits - posters and graphic organizers

 Cause and Effect:

Cause and Effect Activity - find a partner game

Cause and Effect with Camilla Cream - by Amy Lemons - uses A Bad Case of Stripes  (My class made this last year.  Great lesson!)

The Bugliest Bug - Cause and effect activity


Summarizing Cards and Writing -  by The Teacher's Cauldron

Lesson Learned: