Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Word Study... Revised!

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Change can be good! 
1) Make all three differentiated lists have the same spelling pattern. 
2) Update the word study homework activity sheet. 
3) Put all 93 lists (31 lists for A, B and C) on 
4) Find activities to match each spelling pattern.  Add these activities to and our team's Google Drive word study folder.
5) Select 4 vocabulary words from each spelling list so the program is more integrated. 

Word study words were selected from Hope King's Second Grade Word Work product.  I made three lists out of her two.  One big selling point for King's product is that she was inspired by Beth Newingham's word study tutorial.  They both recommend calling out pattern words that students do not study at home.  Like Words Their Way, we will be doing weekly word sorts.  Word Work will continue to be a literacy station center.  Big change:  (most days) Students will choose between two activities instead of always having free choice.  Everyone can understand that students have a favorite, but they should use other activities besides Play Doh :).  

Organization idea - Number each word study list.  When I find matching activities, I put the spelling list number before the link's or document's name.  This should make weekly planning much easier!

Online links - Looking for online word study activities?  I've started finding online activities for each list.  Here's what I have found so far: link.  Students will be able to use these links at school and at home. 

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Updated Homework Activity Sheet (editable document link)

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Old posts that have links to a few resources mentioned below:  spelling/word study resources

Word Study Centers  (editable document link)

1.     Dry erase boards (3x each, sentences, bubble letters, dotty letters, spelling stairs)

2.    Cubes

3.    Magnets

4.    Dictionary

5.    Stamps

6.    Stencils

7.    Coin Code

8.    Sign Language

9.    Pipe Cleaners

10.        Scent Markers

11.    Letter Beads

12.        Spelling Story

13.        Word Sort

14.        Type words

15.        Draw pictures, label

16.        Word Work Roll and Create sheet

17.        Rainbow Roll-n-Write sheet

18.        Play Doh