Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fun & Easy End of Year Science Experiments

What better way to end a school year?!  My students often tell me that one of their favorite parts of second grade is trying different science experiments (especially elephant toothpaste!). After a lot of Googling, I plan to do several of these experiments the last seven or so days of school.


Free Scientific Method Posters for primary grades - created by Ladybug's Teacher Files

1.  Germy Apples - link to book

3.  Vinegar /egg experiment

5.  Adaptations -    - will tell what your adaptations can do when finished

6.  Apple / potato blind taste test

7.  M&M / Skittles

Look to the right of the M & M..... a floating M!


8.  When is a Black Marker Not Really Black?  link to experiment

9.  Insta-Worms - goes with Diary of a Worm  link to Steve Spangler's Insta-Worms

10.  Pepper Experiment - The teacher includes a scientific method activity sheet to go along with the experiment.