Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Favorite Math Stations

1.  Kaboom! - I found this idea on Second Grade Style.

2.  Foam Dice Equations - Students roll 2 or 3 dice to make addition, subtraction, and multiplication equations.

3.  Computer/Ipad station - Use math games on our page 

4.  Jenga - Practice addition facts

5.  Power Cups  - Practice addition, subtraction, or/and multiplication facts

6.  Fractions Game - Roll Slide Cover

7.  Telling Time Memory

8.  The Serenade to Second Grade blog has 10 free math stations I plan to try next year.

9.  Coin Top-It - freebie

10.  What's My Shape?   2D Shape Game  (This one is new to me.  My prediction is that this will be one of their favorite stations!)

11.  Measurement Task Cards  - to the nearest 1/2 inch

My Math Stations Chart: